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  • Bingo Sites Offering Bingo without Card Details

    free bingo no deposit

    £5 FREE no deposit bonus at Bingo Cams

    Many sites now offer free bingo games in which you can win real cash without having to deposit. But most of them will require you to either make a deposit (or at least give away your credit card details) before you can start playing these games.  If you are interested in free bingo no deposit at sites on which you never have to give card details then you have a much more limited list of sites to choose from.

    Sites that require your credit card details when you sign up before you are allowed to play even the free games have been around for years.  In this instance, the site will let you play free games with no deposit required but their ultimate goal is of course to have you deposit cash.  Getting your credit card details serves a double goal as it also makes it easier for you to put in some cash on a whim if one of the bingo promotions manages to tempt you – a fact known to the sites!  They also require credit card details to verify that you can indeed make a deposit if you choose too. There are currently very few options to play free bingo at a site that offers a no deposit bonus AND doesn’t ask for your card details.

    Supposedly, asking for card details is also a way to help keep under-aged players at bay, though of course if some teenager wants to play bingo he or she will find a way to get his parents credit card numbers anyway, so keeping away kids doesn’t really sound like a valid justification.

    Some bingo sites will require your card details when you sign up, and from there on you can enter free games whenever you want. Other sites work with a ‘no deposit bingo bonus’ that you get when you sign up. This allows you to play a limited amount of free games and when the bonus is finished, you either make a deposit or go looking for one of the new no deposit bingo sites.

    In UK bingo today, almost all sites require you make some deposit before you can play even the free games with real money jackpots. You don’t need to buy the tickets for these games as they’re free of course, but you do need to have a funded account. If you deposit a fiver, you can play the free games for as long as you like, but there are VERY few sites that low you to play free bingo without putting in your card details first.

    If you have a credit card but simply don’t want to give your details to the bingo site, today there are other options to play bingo without inputting card details, mainly PayPal and UKash. Paypal and Ukash are both ways to make payment on the internet without revealing your credit card details to the site you sign up with, so if trust is an issue, you can play in any of the several UKash bingo sites available today. Of course if trust is an issue with a certain site then it is perhaps better to just move on.

    Anyone can play bingo and casino games wherever, whenever. Smartphones have made things far more accessible for us players, and Android Casino apps or Bingo Apps are offered for free, too!  This is extremely safe and requires NO details if you wish because you can even deposit via your mobile phone bill!

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